The Rt. Rev. Moisés Quezada Mota
Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic
Posted July 24, 2018

Editor’s note: This is an English translation of an article by Bishop Quezada originally written in Spanish. To read the original Spanish version on the website of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic, please ciick here.

For many years our diocese has received an impressive number of missionary groups that come from different places in the United States. As we have stated on many occasions before, these groups have been a blessing, mainly because of the love and the contributions they have made and continue to make so that many of our missions can fully develop and, in this manner, carry out more efficiently our pastoral and social mission.

Their contributions, both material as well as spiritual, have been immeasurable to us, especially in the poorest and most vulnerable places in our country.

In general, our diocese is very pleased and grateful for the presence of each group that visits us. The testimonies I have heard are most favorable. I have had the opportunity to hear them from members of our churches as well as from groups that have visited us. They talk about their experiences in the communities, of the work they have done and how they have enjoyed it, of their contributions to help people in need, of their relationships with people they never thought they would meet.

We can say also that our people, humbly and with great hospitality, welcome with open arms our brothers and sisters who come to visit us. They share with them their happiness, their spirituality and what little they have.

For our diocese, the work done by each visiting group is of enormous importance. The work carried out in each mission is diverse: we receive medical groups, church builders, groups that make furniture for our churches and schools, groups that lead our children’s Summer Bible Schools, and groups that visit us every year to support and teach courses for our school administrators and teachers. And so, each year many visiting missionary groups come to our country to offer us a strong testimony of their love and service in the name of Jesus.

There is not only a cultural exchange between the members of our missions and the groups that visit us; there is also a strong human relationship and solidarity. Some even develop profound friendships that last through the years.

We are very grateful for the tremendous work these missionary groups do in our diocese. Through their testimony they offer us a true example of what fellowship means in a mission.

We wish to be able to continue this fellowship and increase each time the strength of our relationships. We want you to feel welcome, so that both missionaries and members of our church can share together the brotherhood that Christ teaches all of us — to love and serve others.

May you always be welcome to our Diocese.