A mission trip team from the Diocese of East Carolina on the beach in La Romana.To see an album with group photographs of all of the 2019 mission trip teams to date, click here.

Dominican Republic Mission Trip Teams

Mission Trips Approximately 50 mission teams from the United States come to work in the Diocese of the Dominican Republic each year.The Diocese has an office dedicated to the planning and support of the work of mission teams, and the Dominican Development Group works in close cooperation with this office to facilitate the transfer of funds needed to pay for in-country meals and lodging, transportation, and program supplies such as construction materials. The DDG has developed secure and reliable methods to transfer funds internationally to the Diocese of the Dominican Republic that satisfy all U.S. Homeland Security banking regulations for such transfers. As a 501(c)(3) organization, the DDG can accept funds as charitable contributions under Internal Revenue Service regulations. Funds sent by individuals directly to the Diocese of the Dominican Republic are not considered charitable contributions under U.S. tax law.

Click here for a list of incoming mission teams and their work locations in 2020 (updated February 10, 2020)

Click here for an online photograph album of all of the teams that have arrived in 2019 (updated December 9, 2019).

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Pilgrimage Trips In addition to helping coordinate trips by mission teams to the Dominican Republic, the Dominican Development Group also sponsors pilgrimage trips twice each year. These pilgrimage trips (formerly called exploration trips) are designed to familiarize mission team leaders and others interested in the ministries and facilities of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic with many of those locations in a fast-paced, week-long trip that begins and ends at the Las American International Airport east of Santo Domingo. In even years, the general path of these trips follows a south-to-north direction, including several Episcopal facilities on the north-central coast of the Dominican Republic. In odd years, the path is generally west to east, including the Episcopal church, school, and medical clinic located in the city of Jimaní on the border with Haiti. For more information on pilgrimage trips, contact us at (813) 400-2722 or <directordirector@dominicandevelopmentgroup.org>.

The Dominican mission team support office is currently led by Miquea Santivil Luis, a bilingual Dominican who has several years of experience working with mission teams At this time, this mission team support office is in a restructuring process, so additional support for the mission team office and its programs is being provided through the Diocesan Bishop’s office. Contact points for that office are the Rt. Rev. Moisés Quezada Mota (mquezada@iglepidom.org) or his executive assistant, Charlene Baez (aobispo@iglepidom.org).

Miquea Santivil Luis, the leader of the diocesan mission team support office.

Inquiries from US-based mission teams should be sent to these contact points:

Mission Team Support Office:

Telephone (To DR office in Santo Domingo via international commercial lines) 809 688-6016 / 809 686-7493 ext.24