The Dominican Development Group
Officers and Members of the Board of Directors

February 14, 2022

The DDG is governed by a Board of Directors composed of clergy and lay leaders. The current President is the Rev. Beth Drew (Western Michigan). Other officers include the Rt. Rev. Moisés Quezada (Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic) , 1st Vice-President; the Rt. Rev. William Skilton (Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic), 2nd Vice-President;  Christy Wallace (Interim Executive Director), Sally Thompson (Southwest Florida), Treasurer; the Rt. Rev. Michael Garrison (Southwest Florida), Jim Toedtman (Georgia), the Rev. Robertson Donehue (South Carolina), the Rev. Seth Donald (Western Louisiana), the Rev. Jason Roberson (Southeast Florida), Katie Forsyth (Eastern Michigan), Miquea Santivil (Dominican Republic), Tom McGowan (Nebraska), Alex Romero (Dominican Republic), Hydee Toedtman (Georgia), Dr. Pete Smith (South Carolina), the Rev. John Schaffer (Nebraska), the Rev. Hilario Albert (New York), the Rev. Marshall Huey (South Carolina), Joe Reuth (Southwest Florida), the Rev. Ethan Cole (Southwest Florida), and the Rev. Harry Walton (Massachusetts).