Fall Exploration Trip – November 3-9, 2016
Posted August 30, 2016

For a formatted copy of this announcement and the planned itinerary of this trip, click here. Registration deadline: October 17, 2016.

Have you ever wanted to see more of the Dominican Republic and learn more about the programs
supported by the Episcopal Church? Here is your opportunity to take a few days to visit our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Dominican Republic and see firsthand the social, educational and religious programs administered through the Dominican Episcopal Church. Many of those programs are supported by our companion dioceses.

This trip is designed to minimize the travel time and still allow the group to see many parts of the country, meet the priests and community leaders who run the programs, and the families and communities who benefit from these programs. The trip will be guided by Karen Carroll and Bill Kunkle. Karen Carroll is a missionary who lives in Santo Domingo and is in charge of organizing the many mission teams who come to the DR each year. Bill Kunkle is the Executive Director of the Dominican Development Group and has been leading mission teams to the Dominican Republic for 17 years.

We will visit Santo Domingo, San Pedro de Marcorís, Santa Fe, and Boca Chica on the southern coast, and Montellano, San Marcos, Puerto Plata and Mosovi on the northern coast. We will also visit Jarabacoa and Santiago in the middle area of the country. For the complete itinerary and a printable copy of this announcement, click here.

The cost for the trip including hotel, meals, and local transportation is US$700.00. This does not include your airfare. The cost for the airfare varies from your departure city but this is generally an inexpensive time of year to travel to the Dominican Republic. We will fly into Santo Domingo on November 3rd. Participants should book return flights for Wednesday November 9th.

Checks should be made out to The Dominican Development Group and can be mailed to PO Box 272261 Tampa, FL 33688. You may also pay by credit card with our PayPal link on the “Donation” page of our website: http://www.dominicandevelopmentgroup.org/donate

To reserve your spot, please contact Bill Kunkle at 813-400-2722 or 813-310-0267 or by email to:

Space is limited and deadline for registration is October 17, 2016.