DDG Partners with BeachCorps
April 27, 2018

BeachCorps has a motto,”A Little Grain of Sand,” and this philosophy: “A single grain of sand means little. One volunteer’s impact means little; many volunteers’ impact over time means a lot.” David Searby founded BeachCorps after 27 years as a Foreign Service Officer in the US State Department. When he lived in Santo Domingo, he was a member of the congregation of Epiphany Cathedral. David seeks to create a new tool for the DDG to complement existing mission trips so that anyone can support the Dominican Episcopal Church with projects that don’t necessarily involve work.

The model seeks to correct problems in “voluntourism” by focusing on established nonprofits like the DDG that produce results. BeachCorps is currently offering free excursions to La Romana on selected days in June and July, 2018, for volunteers to assist with projects at Colegio Episcopal La Encarnación. Plans are in the works for more joint DDG/BeachCorps programs, including regular English teaching.

For details on the free excursion program, click the link below:

Free BeachCorps Excursions to La Romana

From left: BeachCorps CEO David Searby and DDG Executive Director Bill Kunkle at the 2018 conference of the Global Episcopal Mission Network at the Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA.