Exploratory trip November 8-14 2018

The Dominican Development Group conducts exploratory trips twice each year, once in the spring and once in the fall. These trips are intended for mission team leaders and other supporters to become more familiar with the programs and facilities of the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic. In even years the trips follow a generally south to north path, and in odd years an east to west path. For more information, contact DDG Executive Director Bill Kunkle at <bkunkle@daomincandevelopmentgroup.org>.

Current itinerary (note: subject to change based on local conditions)
Thursday November 8th- Arrive in Santo Domingo(SDQ):
Check-in Bishop Skilton Center
Dinner Bishop Skilton Center
Lodging at the Bishop Skilton Center

Friday November 9th- Boca Chica -> San Pedro de Marcoris area:
730 am Breakfast at the Bishop Skilton Center
1st Stop:Boca Chica – 8:15am – Hogar, San Jose Church, School, and Bishop Skilton Center.
2nd Stop: La Romana – 10:30am – Visit the Encarnacion Church and School
3rd stop: La Romana- 11:30am – Visit the Todos Los Santos Church and School
12:00 Lunch at the Todos los Santos School.
4th stop: Santa Fe-1:30pm- Santa Cruz church, school and vocational school
5th Stop: Consuelo-2:45pm- Bob and Ellen Snow technical school
6th Stop: Angelina-3:45pm- San Pedro de Apostil Church and School
7th Stop: San Pedro de Marcoris-5:00pm- Clinic Esperanza, San Esteban school.
6:30 Evening Prayer at San Esteban Church
7:00 Dinner at Kellogg Center
Lodging at the Bishop Kellogg Center

Saturday November 10th- San Pedro -> Jarabacoa
7:30 am Breakfast at Bishop Kellogg Center
1st Stop: San Pedro de Marcoris-8:15am- Depart Kellogg
2nd Stop: Los Conocos 8:45am- San Pedro Apostil- Fr. Nephaly 9:15am
3rd stop: Andres-9:30- Dedication of the Monte Sion Church Noon
Lunch at at the Bishop Skilton Center
4th stop: Gautier–Santo Tomas church & community education center-If time Permits
5th Stop: Jarabacoa-4:00pm-Monte Transfiguration church and school.
Lodging and dinner at the Camp

Sunday November 11- Jarabacoa -> Puerto Plata
8:00 am Breakfast at the Camp
1st stop Jarabacoa-9:00am- Eucharist at Iglesia Monte Transfiguration – 10:00am
2nd Stop Puerto Plata-12:00pm- Iglesia San Simon
1:30pm Lunch at the hotel ??
3rd Stop Puerto Plata-Cristo Rey church and Nino de Amor preschool
4th stop:Puerto Plata-Visit Local sites and Teleférico (cable car)
Dinner at the hotel

Monday November 12th- Puerta Plata -> Santo Domingo
7:30 Breakfast at the Hotel
1st stop Montellano-8:20am Visit the Nino Jesus School 8:50
2nd stop Mosovi-9:30am Visit the Divina Gracia Church. 10:30(if road is passable)
3rd stop Santiago-1:30pm La Annunciation church and school 3:00pm
2:00pm Lunch at La Annunciation –
3:00pm Return to Santo Domingo check into Hostel San Francisco 5:30pm
7:30pm Dinner at Seminary with the Companion Diocese Committee and invited Guests

Tuesday November 13th- Santo Domingo:
7:00am Breakfast at Villar Brothers Restaurant
1st Stop Santo Domingo 7:30 Eucharist at Epiphany Cathedral Canasta de Lazaro program 9:15
2nd Stop: Haina 10:00am Visit the San Marcos Church and School. 11:00am
3rd stop: Bani- 11:30am-Visit the Transfiguration Church and School 12:30pm
1:00pm Lunch at Morrow Center
4th stop: Santana 1pm Visit the San Matias Church and School and Morrow Center 230pm
5th Stop: Nizao 2:45-Visit the San Timoteo Church, Shelter, & Agricultural Program 315
6th Stop: Colonial Zone- 430pm- Visit the old city – Dinner in the Colonial Zone

Wednesday November 14th- Departures