DDG Board Meeting in Michigan October 27, 2014
By Julius Ariail
Posted October 10, 2014

The Lansing Center in Lansing, Michigan, the site of the 180th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan.

The members of the Board of Directors of the Dominican Development Group will hold their semi-annual meeting on October 27, 2014, in Detroit, Michigan, in coordination with the 180th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan. This convention will be held from October 24-25 in Lansing, Michigan and several DDG board members will attend the convention and then will speak in area Episcopal churches on Sunday, October 26th, before traveling to Detriot for the board meeting on the 27th. This meeting in Michigan follows the DDG’s general pattern of holding one semi-annual board meeting in a Companion Diocese, and another in the Dominican Republic in coordination with the convention of the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic each year.

The Diocese of Michigan has chosen the theme for the 180th Convention to center around the diocese’s local Hispanic ministries and the Companion Diocese relationship. The DDG will have a display table in the convention’s exhibit area. At 2:00 p.m. on Friday, October 25, the Rt. Rev. Julio C. Holguín, Bishop of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic, will participate in an open forum on the Companion relationship with the Dominican Republic. Bishop Holguín and the Rt. Rev. William J. Skilton, Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic (retired), will both address the convention delegates on Saturday, October 26th. There will also be a “Dominican Night in Lansing” gathering on the evening of Thursday, October 25th, for those arriving by that time.

The board meeting on Monday, October 27th, will be held at the Diocesan Office in Detroit. Agenda items include reports from Bishop Holguín, Executive Director Bill Kunkle, and Mission Teams Coordinator Karen Carroll. Committee reports include updates from the Endowment, Membership, By-Laws, Clean Water and Sanitary Latrine Program, Budget, and Newsletter and Social Media.

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For more information on the DDG board meeting, go here or contact Bill Kunkle [(813) 400-2722; bkunkle@dominicandevelopmentgroup.org]

An initial set of photographs from the DDG’s activities in Michigan are being posted in an album on the DDG’s Facebook page, here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152489451373262.1073741859.282425708261&type=3