A New DDG Publication: Companion News
By Julius Ariail
Posted March 9, 2015

The DDG's newest publication, Companion News. To read this issue, click this image.

The DDG posted the first Companion News on March 9, 2015. This new monthly (or more frequently as events warrant) publication will be distributed exclusively by e-mail. To sign up for that DDG e-mail list, click here. To read this initial Companion News, click here or the image to the left.

Topics include the activities of the DDG Board of Directors in February 2015 as they attended the 57th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic in San Pedro de Macorís and held their semi-annual Board meeting in Santo Domingo. The Board members also inspected these four sites, all of which have seen construction or program improvements in recent months or need additional assistance from mission teams: the church, elementary school and polytechnic school in Consuelo; the church and school in Angelina; the church in Santa Fe (an area of San Pedro de Macorís, and the church and school in La Barquita (an area of Santo Domingo). Other topics were the upcoming deadline of March 15 to sign on for the DDG-sponsored exploration team from April 22-29, 2015; the online availability of the most recent update (March 2015) of the clergy/staff directory of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic; and the release of the names of the finalists for the position of Bishop Coadjutor for the Dominican Diocese. Finally, the issue published a blessing before meals often used by the Rt. Rev. Julio C. Holguín, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic.

In April, the next issue of the Companion News will feature information about one of the DDG’s latest projects — the posting of an online, interactive map of all of the churches, schools and other institutions in the Dominican diocese, complete with exact GPS locations and recent photographs of each site. If you’ve signed up for DDG email, look for this publication early in April in an email in-box near you!