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The Vision

The Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic places a strong emphasis on stewardship and the support that comes from its own institutions. However, those funds are not sufficient to support the diocese’s ministries. With the assistance of the Dominican Development Group, it has established an endowment fund that had a net worth of US$7,128,662 (RD$335,047,118) as of December 31, 2016. In Spanish, that endowment fund is known as El Fondo de Autosuficiencia (FOCA). For a copy of the December 31, 2016, FOCA accounting statement in Spanish, click here. For a copy in English, click here.

The interest from this endowment is the major income source for the Dominican diocesan budget. Other sources of income are internally-generated funds and grants from The General Convention of The Episcopal Church. This support from The General Convention currently represents 9% of the Dominican diocesan budget, a major change in the progress toward self-sufficiency from the corresponding figure of 85.6% in 1991.

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about the 'La Paloma' campaign.

In celebration of Bishop Holguin’s 26 years of ministry as diocesan bishop, the Dominican Development Group is asking involved dioceses, churches, mission teams and individuals to join a fundraising campaign to increase the Dominican diocesan endowment to a level where it can enable the diocese to be financially self-sufficient without having to decrease its budget. Brochures, bulletin inserts, event ideas, etc., will be made available in April to support local activities and raise awareness of the good works of our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic. These resources will be continuously updated on our campaign website, https://givingsites.com/thedove. To make a donation (thank you!), click here.

One of the primary purposes of the Dominican Development Group is to continue to assist the Diocese of the Dominican Republic as it moves steadily toward financial self-sufficiency. For more information on supporting this endowment project, please contact the Rev. Edward Miller [(703) 356-4902 | Emiller@stjohnsmclean.org] or DDG Executive Director Bill Kunkle [(813) 400-2722 | bkunkle@dominicandevelopmentgroup.org].