The Rev. Quezada Elected Bishop Coadjutor
By Julius Ariail
Posted July 25, 2015


The Rev. Moisés Quezada Mota was elected on July 25, 2015, as bishop coadjutor of the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic, pending the required consents from a majority of bishops with jurisdiction and standing committees of the Episcopal Church.

The Rev. Moisés Quezada Mota, 58, vicar of Misiones Jesús Nazareno and Buen Samaritano in San Francisco de Macorís, was elected on the second ballot out of a field of four nominees. He received 23 votes of 35 cast in the lay order and 29 of 45 cast in the clergy order.

The election was held at Epiphany Cathedral in Santo Domingo.

Pending a successful consent process, he will serve alongside the Rt. Rev. Julio C. Holguín and will succeed Bishop Holguín upon his retirement.

Under the canons (III.11.4) of the Episcopal Church, a majority of bishops exercising jurisdiction and diocesan Standing Committees must consent to the bishop coadjutor-elect’s ordination as bishop within 120 days of receiving notice of the election.

The other nominees were:

The Very Rev. Ramón Antonio García De Los Santos, 50, vicar of Misiones San Lucas and Anunciación in Santiago, a school principal and archdeacon;

The Rev. P. Salvador Patrick Ros Suarez, 59, rector, Church of the Good Shepherd, Rahway, New Jersey, Diocese of New Jersey;

The Rev. Daniel Samuel, 58, vicar of Misiones Santa Maria Virgen, Divina Gracia and San Cornelio, and a school principal.