The April 2015 Exploratory Trip: Final Itinerary
By Julius Ariail
Posted March 27, 2015

The approximate route of the April 2015 exploration trip will cover a total of 492 miles. Click this image for a larger version.

Photograph albums from the DDG-sponsored exploration trip in November 2014 are available here. A copy of the final itinerary for the April 2015 trip is available here.

The final itinerary for the exploration trip during April 23-29 has been set. Eleven people have signed on for this trip, including two representatives of the Dominican Development Group and two representatives of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic. Given that approximately 50 mission teams come from many different locations to work alongside members of Episcopal congregations in the Dominican Republic, the Dominican Development Group sponsors exploration trips twice each year to help team leaders select work sites for their teams. Some of these work sites are for new teams who have never been to the Dominican Republic, and others are for experienced teams who have completed a project at a current work site and are looking for a new location to continue their work elsewhere. In addition to checking out potential work sites at Dominican Episcopal churches and schools, the exploration itinerary is also designed to allow team leaders to see hotels or dormitories where mission team members might stay during their trip. The exploration team members will also be able to meet the Rt. Rev. Julio C. Holguín, Bishop of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic, and his wife, Milagros, during a reception and dinner in their home in Santo Domingo.

The trip will proceed in an west-to-east direction. Starting in Santo Domingo, the team will travel to Jimani, a town on the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and then south to the coastal city of Barahona. After returning to Santo Domingo, the team will then proceed east to another coastal city, La Romana, make a side trip inland to the city of Higüey, and will end up in a third coastal city, San Pedro de Macorís. A detailed itinerary is available here.

Members of a DDG-sponsored exploration team in November 2014 listening to DDG Executive Director Bill Kunkle (orange shirt) talk about the work of mission teams to build the Episcopal Church in Mozovi.

An initial set of photographs taken during the trip will be posted on the DDG’s Facebook page and a more complete set will be added later to the DDG’s online photograph archive.

Interested in taking part in a trip like this? The next one sponsored by the Dominican Development Group will take place during November 12-18, 2015, and is currently scheduled to follow a path like this April trip. For more information, contact DDG Executive Director Bill Kunkle [email or call (813) 400-2722].