Spring 2018 Exploration Trip
April 19-25, 2018


An album of photographs taken during this trip is available here.

Thursday April 19th– Arrive in Santo Domingo(SDQ):
Check-in Bishop Skilton Center
Dinner Bishop Skilton Center
Lodging at the Bishop Skilton Center

Friday April 20– Boca Chica -> San Pedro de Marcoris area:
730 am Breakfast at the Bishop Skilton Center
1st Stop: Boca Chica- 8:15am- Hogar, San Jose Church, School, and Bishop Skilton Center.
2nd Stop: La Romana- 10:30am-Visit the Encarnacion Church and School
3rd stop: La Romana- 11:30am-Visit the Todos Los Santos Church and School
12:15 Lunch at the Todos los Santos School.
4th stop: Santa Fe- 1:45pm- Santa Cruz church, school and vocational school
5th Stop: Consuelo- 3:00pm- San Gabriel Church and School. Bob and Ellen Snow technical school
6th Stop: Jalonga- 4:00pm- San Mateo Church and Bakery Program
7th Stop: San Pedro de Marcoris- 5:30pm- Clinic Esperanza, San Esteban school.
6:30 Evening Prayer at San Esteban Church
7:00 Dinner at Kellogg Center **Include invited parishioners, Vestry and Clinic leadership**
Lodging at the Bishop Kellogg Center

Saturday April 21– San Pedro -> Jarabacoa
7:30 am Breakfast at Bishop Kellogg Center
1st Stop: San Pedro de Marcoris- 8:00am- Clinic Esperanza, San Esteban school.9:00am
2nd Stop: Los Conucos 9:45am- San Pedro Apostil- Fr. Nephaly
3rd stop: Gautier– 10:30am-Santo Tomas church & community education center-11:30am
Lunch at Santo Tomas
4th stop: Andres- 12:00 – Monte Sion Church (under construction)- Noon Day Prayer-1pm
5th Stop: Jarabacoa- 4:00pm-Monte Transfiguration church and school.
Lodging and dinner at the Camp

Sunday April 22– Jarabacoa -> Puerto Plata
8:00 am Breakfast at the Camp
1st stop Jarabacoa- 9:00am- Eucharist at Iglesia Monte Transfiguration – 10:00am
2nd Stop Puerto Plata- 12:00pm- Iglesia San Simon
1:30pm Lunch at the hotel ??
3rd Stop Puerto Plata- Cristo Rey church and Nino de Amor preschool
4th stop: Puerto Plata- Visit Local sites and Teleférico (cable car)
Dinner at the hotel

Monday April 23– Puerta Plata -> Santo Domingo
7:30 Breakfast at the Hotel
1st stop Montellano- 8:20am Visit the Nino Jesus School 8:50
2nd stop Mosovi- 9:30am Visit the Divina Gracia Church. 10:30
3rd stop Santiago- 12:30 La Annunciation church and school 1:00pm
1:00pm Lunch at La Annunciation – 2pm
2:00pm Return to Santo Domingo check into Hostel San Francisco 5:00pm
7:00pm Dinner at Seminary with Bishop Moises, CD Committee, and invited clergy, seminarians and guests

Tuesday April 24– Santo Domingo:
7:00am Breakfast at Villar Brothers Restaurant
1st Stop Santo Domingo 7:30 Eucharist at Epiphany Cathedral Canasta de Lazaro program
2nd Stop: Colonial Zone- 900am- Visit the old city 11:30pm
12:30 Lunch at Transfiguration
3rd stop: Bani- 12:30pm-Visit the Transfiguration Church and School 1:45pm
4th stop: Las Carreras- 2:30pm-Visit the Espirtiu Santo 6pm- Install Crucis Rex 4:00pm
5th Stop: Haina Visit the San Marcos Church and School.
Dinner in Santo Domingo

Wednesday April 25
6am Departure for Airport