The Résumé of Bishop Coadjutor-elect Moisés Quezada Mota
Posted August 10, 2015

Bishop Coadjutor-elect Quezada

The Rev. Quezada submitted this résumé to the search and nomination committee of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic as part of the Bishop Coadjutor search process. This English translation is by Luis Enrique Hernández, a member of the congregation of Cathedral La Epifanía (The Cathedral of the Epiphany) in Santo Domingo, where the election was held.

The original Spanish text is available as a PDF document here.

The Rev. Moisés Quezada Mota
Jesús Nazareno Episcopal Church
Calle La Cruz No. 26,
San Francisco de Macorís,
Dominican Republic

August 15th, 1982: Diaconate
May 22nd, 1983: Priesthood.

Married to Mary Jeannette Pringle of Quezada and father of two children: Moses Elias Quezada Quezada and Mercedes Alejandrina Quezada Pringle.


1978-1981: Center for Theological Studies (CET – Dominican Episcopal Seminary) Santo Domingo, Rep. Dom.
1990 Clinical Pastoral Education in San Lucas Hospital, Episcopal Church of Puerto Rico.
1993 Anglicanism Studies in Codrington College in Barbados
2001 Crisis Intervention Course, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
2004 Seminar on Racism, Texas, USA.
2006 Theology Training, Miami International Seminary.
2007 Theological Research, Virginia Theological Seminary in Virginia, USA

Ministerial Services

1976-1978 Lay Minister in Todos los Santos Episcopal Church, La Romana. Founded of the Social Action and Research Center, sponsored by the Ecumenical Planning and Action Center. (CEPAE)

1983-1988 Vicar of San Esteban Episcopal Church and Rector of the school of the same name. Vicar of Santa Cruz Episcopal Church and Rector of the school of the same name. Manager of San Esteban University Circle and Commissioner of the Chaplaincy for Foreigner Students in UCE University. Also chaplain of the Convent of the Transfiguration (Community of The Transfiguration). All these ministries were held in San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic.

During this ministry San Esteban Church grew significantly. Was formed again the Boy Scouts Association group and grew considerately after a serious crisis. The radio program “An Appointment with the Lord” was begun.

The other ministries were conducted effectively achieving their respective goals.

1988-1998 Vicar of Todos Los Santos Episcopal Church and Rector of the School of the same name. Vicar of La Encarnación Church; La Romana, Dominican Republic. Todos Los Santos Church had a spiritual renewal. The numbers of lay leaders was also increased. Two choral groups were formed and new ministries were started, which included the formation of prayer groups in different places of this community. Two new missions were launched, being founded La Encarnación Church. A television program aired. The school´s enrollment increased and the Center for the learning of English and Informatics was opened. This school is one of the largest in the diocese.

1998-2007 Vicar of San Andrés Church and Rector of the school of the same name. Priest in charge of San Pedro and San Pablo Episcopal Church, Santo Domingo, DR. In the San Andrés Church the prayer group’s ministry was strengthened. About 18 lay leaders graduated from the Diocesan Program for Lay Leadership. The church had Christian education for all ages, including a special children’s program for children of Barrio San Andrés. There was a very active Eucharistic Ministry conformed for more than 10 people. Youth programs and young adults groups grew significantly. There was an active spiritual renewal.

2008-2013 Vicar of La Santísima Trinidad Episcopal Church and Santa Ana Episcopal Church, Santo Domingo. In the Santísima Trinidad Church was initiated a Young Adults program with a focus on Social Development and Evangelistic action. An Adult´s Christian Education program in Wednesdays and Sundays was formed. Evangelization groups were also constituted. In Santa Ana Church, which is in an impoverished neighborhood, an Evangelism program and a social project were initiated in conjunction with Santísima Trinidad.

2013 Vicar of Jesús Nazareno Episcopal Church and the school of the same name. Vicar of El Buen Samaritano Episcopal Church. Missionary work in Hermanas Mirabal Province. Currently strengthening these missions through the development of leadership and establishing new evangelistic strategies.

Diocesan Level

1) Archdeacon of East and Santo Domingo Deaneries.

2) Professor of Practical Theology, Pastoral Theology, Systematic Theology, Spirituality and Anglicanism in the Center for Theological Studies (CET – Dominican Episcopal Seminary) for over 20 years.

3) Teacher at the Lay Ministers and Vocational Deacons Program in San Pedro and Santo Domingo.

4) Director of the Diocesan Magazine “Christian Renewal”, the TV program “Reflection” and director and host of the radio program “An Appointment with the Lord”.

5) Several times Chairman of the Standing Committee and Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of the Dominican Episcopal Church.

6) Cursillo Chaplain.

7) Youth Adults Chaplain.

8) Chaplain of the Episcopal Church Men Groups.

9) President of the Commission on Ministry, the Committees of Christian Education, Evangelism, Committee of self-sufficiency and autonomy, Committee for Theological Education, Haitian Pastoral Care, Christian Stewardship, Constitution and Canons, State Committee of the Church, Dispatch Committee, Companionship and Missions Coordinator, Coordinator of the Board of Education.

10) VIA program guide and promoter (VIA Spanish acronym for Living Anglican Identity).

11) Member of the Organizing Committee Pro Formation of the Episcopal Province of the Caribbean.

Province IX

1) From 2002 to 2007 Coordinator (Executive Secretary) of IX Province of the Episcopal Church. Traveling repeatedly to each Diocese of Province IX for carrying various programs and participating in meetings of the Provincial Council and House of Bishops.

The Coordinator had his office in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

2) Secretary of the House of Bishops of the Province and a member of the Provincial Synod. Officially responsible for carrying two Provincial Synods.

3) IX Province Representative to the PLC. (Provincial Leaders) Agency of The Episcopal Church.

4) Representative to the Province in the Christian Education Committee of The Episcopal Church.

5) Ecumenical Committee member of Episcopalian – Roman Catholic dialogue of IX Province.

Attended five General Conventions:
1988 General Convention in Detroit, Michigan.
1994 General Convention in Indianapolis.
2000 General Convention in Denver, Colorado.
2003 General Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
2006 General Convention in Columbus, Ohio.


Has lectured and led spiritual retreats to the clergy in Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Cuba and Ecuador.


Co-author of the Christian Education Manual of Province IX published by the Office of The Episcopal Church.

Co-author of the book: Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Theologies of confirmation and Catechesis. Editor of Compilation was Sharon Ely Pearson. Morehouse Publishing. Published in the United States for The Episcopal Church.

Monograph for students Theology Handbook.

Thesis: The Divinity of Christ in judgment, a Christological proposal.

A work in progress: On the Trail of the Ministry.

Author of several published articles in magazines and newspapers, especially in those of Dominican Episcopal Church