Larimar Deacon’s Cross
By Julius Ariail
Posted April 16, 2015

The silver Larimar deacon's cross

Recently a deacon in one of the companion dioceses of the Dominican Republic commissioned the creation of a silver deacon’s cross with the stole made of Larimar, a semi-precious stone found only in the Dominican Republic. More information about Larimar is available in this Wikipedia article here. Karen Carroll, the full-time resident missionary who is in charge of the mission team support office at the Diocese of the Dominican Republic, contacted a jeweler who maintains a workshop and showroom in the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo to have this cross made, and then shipped it to the deacon back in the United States. The cost of this cross was US$115, or approximately RD5,200 pesos at today’s exchange rate. This particular cross is approximately 1.5″ high.


The size of the Larimar deacon's cross

The jeweler welcomes commissioned items such as this cross, and Karen is happy to facilitate orders for them. There are no additional costs added to the transaction, since making liaison arrangements with local services in the Dominican Republic is a regular part of Karen’s mission team support ministry. Contact her at this email address to discuss commissions such as this one: She will also be happy to give you the name and address of the jeweler’s workshop and showroom so you can visit it yourself the next time you are in Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone.