February 11-17, 2016: The DDG Board in the Diocese of the Dominican Republic
By Julius Ariail
Posted February 3, 2016

The Episcopal churches in the Dominican Republic. Click this image for an interactive version of this map with GPS locations of all of the Episcopal churches, schools, and other facilities.

The Board of Directors of the Dominican Development Group will hold its next meeting in Santo Domingo on Monday, February 15, 2016. Prior to that meeting, the board members will have the opportunity to attend the annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic, the ordination and consecration of the Rev. Moisés Quezada Mota as Bishop Coadjutor, and to attend church services in several locations. After the DDG meeting on the 15th, the members will be able to participate in visits to several development sites in and around Santo Domingo.

Additional information will be posted on this page as soon as it is available.

The overall schedule of these events is linked below:

Overall schedule (as of February 3)

Specific information on suggested hotels and other travel details is linked below:

Information for guests attending the ordination/consecration event (as of February 3)

If you have additional questions, please contact DDG Executive Director Bill Kunkle:
813-400-2722 office
813-310-0267 cell United States
829-278-0270 cell Dominican Republic

Reports to be distributed at the meeting:

Compañeros Dominicanos
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