Dominican Diocese Receives US$950,000 Sustainability Grant
By Julius Ariail
Posted June 26, 2015

The Episcopal elementary school, technical school, and church in Consuelo. For more photographs of the schools, churches and other institutions in the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic, click this image.

The Episcopal News Service reported on June 24, 2015, that the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic has received a sustainability grant of US$950,000 from The Episcopal Church to promote its campaign toward financial self-sufficiency.

From the ENS press release by Lynette Wilson:

“The contribution The Episcopal Church is making to the Dominican Republic represents a boost in favor of the efforts the diocese has been making to achieve the goal of financial sustainability,” said Dominican Republic Bishop Julio Cesar Holguín Khoury, in an email to Episcopal News Service. “It will contribute significantly to the continued development of the mission-focused work of evangelization and social service that we have been doing since the arrival of Anglicanism to the country in 1897.”

To read the complete text of this ENS press release, go here.