Meeting 02/12/2018

DDG Board Meeting February 12, 2018

DDG Board members and visitors at the meeting in Santo Domingo on February 12, 2018. Missioners from fourteen dioceses that support mission teams in the Dominican Republic were present. Front row, from left: Bill Kunkle, Executive Director, Diocese of Southwest Florida; The Rev. Deacon Beth Drew, President, Western Michigan; The Rt. Rev. Wendell N. Gibbs, Jr., Second Vice-President, Michigan; The Rt. Rev. Moisés Quezada, First Vice-President, Dominican Republic; The Rt. Rev. William J. Skilton, Dominican Republic; Julia Ariail, Secretary, Georgia. Second row, from left: Lydia Pendleton, New Hampshire; The Rev. Marshall Huey, South Carolina; Tom McGowan, Nebraska; David Morrow, Treasurer, Northwest Texas; The Rev. Ed Miller, President-Elect, Virginia; Sally Thompson, Southwest Florida; John Gruetzmacher, North Carolina; Katie Forsyth, Eastern Michigan; The Rev. Albert Hilario, New York; The Rev. John Schaefer, Nebraska; The Rev. Jeffrey Nelson, Nebraska; Julius Ariail, Georgia; Missionary Karen Carroll, Dominican Republic/Southwest Florida; Missionary Charlie Nakash, Dominican Republic/New Jersey; The Rev. Deacon Alexander Romero, Dominican Republic.

The Board of Directors of the Dominican Development Group met in Santo Domingo on Monday, February 12, 2018. Reports and other printed information distributed at this meeting are being added to this page as soon as they are ready for posting. Please check back frequently for the latest additions.

Draft Minutes from the meeting on February 12, 2018 (Appendix letters below correspond to the appendices mentioned in these minutes.)
Draft Minutes from the meeting on February 12, 2018 – amended as of October 8, 2018
Appendix A: Agenda
Appendix B: Approved Minutes from the meeting on November 6, 2017
Appendix C: President’s Report
Appendix D: Report – FOCA
Appendix E1: Report – Bishop Quezada (español)
Appendix E2: Report – Bishop Quezada (English)
Appendix F: Report – Mission Team Support Office
Appendix G: Report – Communications Update
Appendix H: Information Flyer – “Where Do I Find It”
Appendix I: Information Flyer – Poster of 2017 Mission Team Photographs
Appendix J: Report – Executive Director
Appendix K: 2018 Committee List
Appendix L: Budget – 2017
Appendix M: Budget – 2018
Appendix N: 2018 Board of Directors (as of 02/13/2018)
Appendix O: Report – Endowment Committee
Appendix P: Report – Communications Committee (afternoon session)
Appendix Q: Report – Educational Excellence Committee

Also distributed at the meeting:
DDG Board of Directors (as of November 7, 2017)
Compañeros Dominicanos (December 2017)