Many churches, mission teams, and individuals send donations each year to support scholarships for children in Dominican Episcopal schools. This is a 'thank-you' recognition from the Diocese of the Dominican Republic in July 2018 for recent donations.


Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. Proverbs 22:6


Education is an essential ingredient to improving the quality of life in individuals and families. In the Dominican Republic, education is compulsory through the 8th grade.

It is for these reasons, and many others, that the Dominican Episcopal Church has made the ministry of education a priority. For over 100 years the Dominican Episcopal Church has been nourishing the mind and spirit of young Dominicans.

In the last ten years the diocese has opened 10 additional education programs, bringing the total number of schools to 30.

Episcopal schools must be self-supporting, because the diocese does not have the resources to subsidize these programs. As a result, schools depend upon tuition to cover their expenses. The diocese is committed to providing an education to young people, regardless of their ability to pay or religious affiliation.

A scholarship program supported by individuals, organization and churches in the United States provides the opportunity these students need to attend one of our schools. Each year over 700 students are receiving financial assistance from sponsors in the USA.

Scholarships are US$350 a year. Experience has taught us that parents must make an investment in their child’s education in order to insure the parents’ participation in their child’s education. Parents are encouraged to pay a portion of the tuition or volunteer in the school.

Administrators in each school determine those students who will receive scholarships. This decision is based on the families’ ability to pay, attendance records, and grades from the previous years. A
diocesan committee determines the number of scholarships each school may receive.


The diocese is seeking partners to “Adopt a School.” Churches, women’s groups, and other organizations in the Dioceses of Georgia, Nebraska, South Carolina, Southwest Florida, and Virginia have done so. To participate in the program you must commit to obtaining a minimum of 10 scholarships. Student photographs and biographies will be sent in advance. Sponsors will also receive information about the school.

“Adopt a School” sponsors will need to appoint a coordinator to work with the Dominican diocesan scholarship committee. This coordinator would be responsible for promoting the program and obtaining sponsors.

Though not required, “Adopt a School” sponsors can develop other projects to support the school. Some groups have sent work teams or donations to do repairs and maintenance prior to the start of
school. Groups looking to send work teams would contact the mission team office at email


To receive a US tax deduction for your scholarship contribution, checks should be sent to The Dominican Development Group, P.O. Box 272261, Tampa, FL 33688. This organization was formed to help create self sustainability for the Dominican Episcopal Diocese. Checks should be made out to the “Dominican Development Group.” Please note on your check – “Scholarship.” The DDG forwards all contributions to the Dominican Diocesan Office. To make donations using PAYPAL, please go to the DDG’s webpage for donations and note “Scholarship” in the comments field.


A three-panel brochure in PDF format about this scholarship program is available for downloading here. Please make copies and distribute as widely as possible in support of this program.