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The Dominican Development Group (DDG), a non-profit organization within The Episcopal Church, assists the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic with project planning, program development, and construction expertise; raises funds for the diocesan endowment; and coordinates the work of mission teams from the United States working in the Dominican Republic.

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about the 'La Paloma' campaign.

The story of La Paloma, the dove, is a favorite one of the Rt. Rev. Julio C. Holguín, the Bishop of the Diocese of the Dominican Republic. “Like the dove that has two wings, the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic needs the financial assistance of its partners in mission as the second wing to help it soar.” Bishop Holguín began his service as diocesan bishop in 1991, and in February 2017 announced that he would retire on November 1, 2017.

In celebration of Bishop Holguin’s 26 years of ministry as diocesan bishop, the Dominican Development Group is asking involved dioceses, churches, mission teams and individuals to join a fundraising campaign to increase the Dominican diocesan endowment to a level where it can enable the diocese to be financially self-sufficient. Brochures, bulletin inserts, event ideas, etc., will be made available in April to support local activities and raise awareness of the good works of our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic. These resources will be continuously updated on our campaign website, To make a donation (thank you!), click here.

The DDG works closely with the Episcopal dioceses with companion relationships with the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic: Central Gulf Coast, Eastern Michigan, Georgia, Michigan, Nebraska, Northwest Texas, The Episcopal Church in South Carolina, Southeast Florida, Southwest Florida, Western Louisiana, and Western Michigan. The DDG also helps coordinate the work of other organizations that support mission teams and other projects in the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic. The DDG is a Partner Organization in the Global Episcopal Mission Network (GEMN).

Mailing address:
The Dominican Development Group | PO Box 272261 | Tampa FL 33688-2261 USA

Office location:
The Dominican Development Group | C/O St. Mark’s Episcopal Church | 13312 Cain Road | Tampa FL 33625-4004 USA

Bill Kunkle is the DDG’s Executive Director. Contact information: Voice (813) 400-2722 | Fax (813) 963-5082