Meeting 11/06/2017

DDG Board Meeting November 6, 2017

The next meeting of the Board of Directors of the Dominican Development Group will be at the DR Diocesan Office in Santo Domingo on Monday, November 6. This meeting follows the retirement of the Rt. Rev. Julio C. Holguín on November 1 and the formal seating of the Rt. Rev. Moisés Quezada as Bishop Diocesan on November 4 in Epiphany Cathedral. Bishop Quezada has been serving as Bishop Coadjutor since February, 2016. A detailed schedule of events from November 1-6, 2017, is available here.

After the board meeting on November 6, 2017, the next board meeting will be held on February 12, 2018 in Santo Domingo following the DR diocesan convention on February 9-11, 2018.